Anyone else noticed how Larry’s mouth twitched right before his head was smashed in with the salt lick?

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jane: I spy with my little eye an asshole


kenny: fuck you

me: My turn, Jane. I spy with my little eye a manipulative bitch that tries her best to provoke an emotional man into anger, and attempts to fake the death of the baby boy that he cares dearly about only to prove a fucking point. Jane, go eat shit.


im such an asshole but im also a v kind-hearted person who likes making ppl happy and if i love u i will love u with all my heart and all my soul but then im also such an asshole

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I want to give a VERY big shoutout to The Living Tombstone for his awesome song “Five Nights at Freddy’s”. I got the instrumental and made this mashup for all of you to listen to. /)^3^(\

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mark is literally the nicest human being on the fucking planet i will physically fight you


mark is literally the nicest human being on the fucking planet i will physically fight you




Nevermind is an adventure game where you are a physician who can use cutting-edge technology to venture into the the minds of psychological trauma patients. 

Your goal is to explore that world, and solve abstract puzzles that will reveal more and more about their hidden memories. The patient’s subconscious will try and lash back at you, however as you try and peel back the layers. 

These game uses biofeedback technology which means, it can detect when your scared or anxious by responding to your stress levels. This game will dynamically adapt, when it can tell your heart is racing. The more scared you get, the harder the game becomes.

Another great thing about this game is it’s therapeutic applications. It can help those with mild,severe stress, anxiety or PTSD. It can help them overcome their fears. Testing results have been positive so far, but further investigation is needed. 


For anyone wondering, it can help those with severe stress, anxiety & PTSD, because people learn to consciously control stress as more stress is put onto them. 

The creators of the game will be talking to researchers and behavioral health experts who are eager to explore this game’s clinical impacts. They may create a health-centric version of the game targeted for those specific patients.